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 Refund Policy
FlowerShop18 is a leading online florist in India, with the focus to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and improved products and services. We deal with highly perishable items such as flowers and cakes, and in the process, if anything goes wrong, our customers can bring up their complaints and concerns to us, anytime. We promise to listen to your issues carefully and resolve the same as soon as possible. If needed and under unavoidable circumstances, we will also refund the entire amount of money under specific conditions.
1. If the purchase order is cancelled by the customer one day prior to date of delivery, he/she will be entitled to get full refund of money.
2. If the customer complains about the quality of product being delivered, FlowerShop18 will first inquire about the same in-depth and if it is found to be true, he/she will get full refund of money or the product will be replaced, as desired.
3. All mails regarding cancellation or refund should include specific details about the Order, Cancellation Reason, and Refund Account Status. Order cancellation mails should be sent to with the subject: Cancellation Request. 
4. Refund of money shall be made only under the following conditions:
Order was not delivered to the recipient. (Case of unfounded recipient is not included here)
Order was cancelled at least one day prior to delivery date
If there are complaints regarding quality of the product being delivered, we will first inquire about the same and if it is found to be true, the product will either be replaced or money will be refunded as soon as possible.
5. In case of cancellation of order, money will be refunded after deduction of 20% charge for order processing fee and other expenses.
6. Refund of money can be requested only in case of service failure on part of FlowerShop18. Our team will first evaluate whether such request qualifies for a refund, and decision taken by our management will be final.
7. The total refund amount will not exceed what has been paid by the customer. FlowerShop18 will not be liable for any claim or loss beyond the amount actually paid by the customer.
8. Any exempted or discounted amount cannot be claimed or refund.
9. In all matters related to cancellation and refund, FlowerShop18 shall have the deciding hand.
10. FlowerShop18 may amend its Refund Policy from time to time, without any prior notice. All changes will be updated on the website.  
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